Real Talk by Catalyst

Dec 7 - 9, 10:30 AM (EST)

At this three-day summit, Catalyst’s Lead for Equity and Inclusion team will host a series of real conversations about tough, complex, and sensitive issues related to workplace equity and inclusion. Learn from business leaders, change-makers, and scholars. Engage in interactive activities and dialogues.

About this event


Real Talk about Humanity at Work

It’s a new day when it comes to talking about tough issues at work. Conversations that were previously off-limits are now permitted, even encouraged. People want to be seen and their voices heard. But can you—and team leaders and colleagues—ever really understand the people in your organization and the diverse issues they face? What can you learn from examining whose experiences are most valued and deemed worthy? And how can you apply an intersectional lens to your conversations about power and opportunity? Day 1 of Real Talk offers deep learning about what it means to truly value and respect employees’ lived experiences.



Real Talk about Making a Mistake

Turn your missteps into next steps. Because change is a constant, stumbling is inevitable. Sometimes you know what went wrong and have an instant moment of regret or horror. Sometimes you simply “don’t get it” or you can’t see the unintended consequences of your actions. Or perhaps you recognize the mistake but still feel upset when someone gives you feedback. Built-in processes to proactively address individual, leadership, and organizational mistakes are a must for cultivating empathy and humanity at work. Does your team have the support and tools they need to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, deal with personal resistance, own their impact, and plan for the unexpected (or failure)? Day 2 of Real Talk focuses on how to not let fear or discomfort block you from creating a workplace where everyone is valued and treated fairly.


Real Talk about Becoming Better

You and your organization must do the work to create a truly equitable and inclusive organization that values our humanity. There is no magic formula. No short-cuts. No quick fixes. Inclusive culture change can happen when we all invest in both organizational and personal growth. Change also is more effective when we don’t just focus on fixing what’s broken, but when we pour our collective resources and ideas into building on what’s working well. Day 3 of Real Talk features candid dialogue about the science of organizational and personal change so you can apply lessons learned and think differently about how to make real progress at the big-picture level and individually.


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  • Albert Bourla, DVM, PhD

    Albert Bourla, DVM, PhD


    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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  • Andre Bradford

    Andre Bradford


    Director of Show Development

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  • Blair Taylor

    Blair Taylor


    Managing Director of Talent & Organization/Human Potential and North American Lead Inclusion & Diversity

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  • Corin Ramos, PhD

    Corin Ramos, PhD


    Director, Research

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  • Courtney L. McCluney, PhD

    Courtney L. McCluney, PhD

    ILR School at Cornell University

    Assistant Professor

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  • Dnika J. Travis, PhD

    Dnika J. Travis, PhD


    Vice President, Research

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  • Emily Shaffer, PhD

    Emily Shaffer, PhD


    Director, Research

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  • Evan Siddall

    Evan Siddall


    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Hannah Sung

    Hannah Sung

    Co-Founder, Media Girlfriends & Journalist, Producer and Podcaster

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  • Heather Foust-Cummings, PhD

    Heather Foust-Cummings, PhD


    Senior Vice President, Research & Consulting

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  • Iggy Mwela

    Iggy Mwela



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  • Jade Pichette

    Jade Pichette

    Pride at Work Canada

    Manager of Programs

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  • Jared Karol

    Jared Karol

    Author "A White Guy Confronting Racism"

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  • John Amaechi OBE

    John Amaechi OBE

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  • Leela Wilson

    Leela Wilson


    Senior Vice President, Community & Convening

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  • Lisa Chang

    Lisa Chang

    The Coca-Cola Company

    Global Chief People Officer

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  • Lorraine Hariton

    Lorraine Hariton


    President & CEO

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  • Ludo Gabriele

    Ludo Gabriele


    Senior Director, MARC Branding

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  • Melba J. Nicholson Sullivan, Ph.D.

    Melba J. Nicholson Sullivan, Ph.D.

    Freedom Flow Solutions


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  • Michelle Ngome

    Michelle Ngome

    African-American Marketing Association

    Founder & President

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  • Nandini Chandra

    Nandini Chandra


    Associate Director of Growth

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  • Negin Sattari

    Negin Sattari


    Director, Research

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  • Pascale Diverlus

    Pascale Diverlus

    Black Lives Matter -Toronto


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  • Philonise Floyd

    Philonise Floyd

    Brother of George Floyd & Activist

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  • Tanya van Biesen

    Tanya van Biesen


    Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Engagement

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  • Terrence Underwood, EdD

    Terrence Underwood, EdD


    Vice President, Leading for Equity and Inclusion

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  • Vandana Juneja

    Vandana Juneja


    Executive Director, Canada

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  • Vanice Hayes

    Vanice Hayes

    Dell Technologies

    Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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